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2022/2023 Emails
10/6: First General Meeting of the Year | Español

2021/2022 Emails
4/25: Online Book Fair Starts April 28th | Español
4/24: BOE Candidate Forum on May 9th
3/10: Nominations Committee | Español
3/8: SEPTO Webinar Canceled | Español
3/1: SEPTO Webinar on Self-Advocacy for Students
2/28: Volunteers Needed for the Book Fair Committee | Español
2/13: Volunteers Needed for Safe Routes | Español
2/7: General Meeting & Black History Presentation | Español
2/2: SEPTO: How to Prepare for Your Child’s CSE Meeting | Español
2/1: Celebrate Valentine’s Day with PCSD | Español
1/12: SEPTO: Advocacy 101
12/6: Book Drive | Español
11/10: SEPTO Meeting | Español
11/9: Special Events Committee Meeting | Español
10/26: Direct Appeal Fundraiser | Español
10/21: Picture Day Retakes Volunteers Needed | Español
10/11: Trunk-or-Treat Volunteers Needed | Español
10/7: PTO General Meeting / Fall Kickoff | Español
10/7: Hosts Needed for Trunk-or-Treat
9/24: MADD Walk
9/20: Translators Needed
9/8: Picture Day Volunteers
9/4: Picture Days

2020-2021 Emails
June 7th: June General Meeting: Year End Wrap Up & Officer Elections
May 24th: PTO Officer Nominations
May 12th: PTO Officer Nominating Committee
May 4th: BOE Candidate Forum
May 3rd: Teacher Appreciation Week
April 22nd: District-Wide Book Fair
April 15th: Parent Connect
March 30th: Spring Fundraisers
March 25th: Sign a Letter to Support School Funding
February 24th: Parent Connect Meetings
February 12th: Love Letters to Peekskill
February 9th: Black History Month Celebration
January 26th: PTO Winter Updates
December 22nd: PTO Parent Survey
December 1st: Giving Tuesday
November 24th: November PTO News
October 30th: Fall Updates & Fund Drive
October 6th: Fall Kickoff
Sept. 23rd: Fall PTO News

2019-2020 Emails
June 11th: Vote YES on the PCSD Budget
May 20th: May News
Feb. 4th: February News
Oct. 17th: PTO Fall Kickoff Meeting
Oct. 10th: Host a Trunk at Trunk-or-Treat
Oct. 7th: Fall Welcome
July 5th: Room Parent Volunteers Needed
June 26th: PTO Year-End Review
June 17th: PTO Parent Survey Reminder

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2018-2019 Emails
June 14th: Juneteenth Celebration
June 13th: June PTO Meeting
May 23rd: Spring PTO News
May 21st: School Budget Election
May 14th: Woodside Greenhouse
May 1st: BOE Candidate Forum
April 11th: April PTO Meeting
March 26th: Art to Remember
March 22nd: Spring Eggstravaganza
March 19th
March 13th
February 6th
January 8th
December 4th
November 5th
October 16th
Fall Welcome Letter – Oct. 1st

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Fall Welcome Letter

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