Room Parents and School Volunteering
All in-person volunteering activities are postponed indefinitely for 2020/2021. As the school year unfolds, we will work with the district to identify areas where parents can get involved during this unusual time.

PTO Committees
Since our committees cannot meet in person, we will be streamlining our work for 2020/2021. We will focus our efforts on advocating for school funding, online fundraising, and building community in the current environment. If you would like to participate in our work, please email info@peekskillpto.org.

We need your ideas and your enthusiasm! Help us in our work to keep the district moving forward and expand opportunities for all students.

Thank you for volunteering to help in our schools! With your support, we can ensure that the Peekskill City School District can offer each and every child in our community the opportunity to enjoy fun and engaging school activities at ALL grade levels.