About Us

We are a diverse and inclusive group of parents and teachers, working to build an exceptional school community for the benefit of all district children. Our PTO operates as a district-wide organization, serving every school in Peekskill, from preK through high school.

We volunteer in our schools, organize enrichment activities, raise money to support the school district, advocate for a quality education for every child, and enhance communication between schools and parents. We encourage all parents and staff to get involved in the work of the PTO!


How to Get Involved
If your child is enrolled in any Peekskill public school, you are automatically a member of the PTO.  If you are a Peekskill City School District teacher, aide, or administrator, you are also a member.  No dues are required.

We urge all parents and staff to become active in the PTO's work by joining one of our committees, helping out with fundraisers, or volunteering for a special event!  Add your name to our active volunteer list here.


PTO Committees
The work of the PTO takes place in our committees.  Active committees for 2021/2022 include Advocacy, Communications, and Special Events/Enrichment.

Read more about our committees here.


Saturday Academy
Our PTO collaborates with the school district to offer enrichment activities at Saturday Academy.  Saturday Academy was launched in 2018 as part of the District's community schools initiative and features community partners, workshops, guest speakers, crafts, free resources, and more!  Please join us on October 30th for our Trunk-0r-Treat event, as part of the October Saturday Academy on Torpy Field.


General Meetings
Attending a general PTO meeting is a great way to meet other parents, get to know building staff, and find out about all the great happenings in our school district.  Due to the pandemic, the location of our general meetings is still TBD.

View our General Meeting Schedule here.


PTO Executive Board
The PTO Executive Board includes our four officers, all committee chairs and parent liaisons, as well as representatives from the Board of Education, Peekskill Education Foundation, and SEPTO. Our Executive Board meets approximately every two months.

View our Executive Board contact list here.


PTO Officer Elections
The PTO holds officer elections annually at our June general meeting.  Our officers serve two-year terms, starting July 1st of their election year.

Interested in stepping into a leadership role? Learn more about our election process here.


The Peekskill City School District Parent-Teacher Organization is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization.

Our mission is to:

  • Build bridges between teachers, families and the community
  • Enhance cultural enrichment, environmental, social and project-based opportunities above & beyond classroom academics
  • Advocate for a quality education for every child